Spotlight: Glee Concept Videos

I’ve snuck in a bunch of never-before released assets into my game posts. A couple of them are the Glee concept animations, seen only by the Fox executives that approved the game. We weren’t able to pull off what’s shown, but it was fun seeing them in this form at least.

Check out the concept videos in the Glee Forever! page.

4 thoughts on “Spotlight: Glee Concept Videos

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    1. I’m afraid that the license between KLab and Fox ran out. Glee Forever won’t be coming back. Someone else may make a new Glee game, but it won’t be Glee Forever.


    1. Sorry, but I have no idea. It would depend on who gets the license and makes a game, if there’s enough interest. But I do know that Fox is still offering the license, so it’s possible—but unlikely.


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