Welcome to the Mysterium

Honestly, I didn’t know how making this site would go. To help promote my upcoming book the Child of Chaos, I started out putting together a portfolio page, but ended up writing behind-the-scenes narratives about a lot of stuff in my life.

If you’re familiar with anything I’ve built, maybe you’d enjoy reading about how I and my team at the time built it. And if that interests you, maybe you’d like to read about how I built something else (I don’t know how many Wheel of Time fans watched Glee, for instance–but they might find that making the game based on it to be interesting).

Also, I’m using this space to release tons of stuff that I’ve kept under wraps for years: concept art, unreleased designs, animations and videos, pieces of music, etc. I’m planning on highlighting some of that stuff in these blog posts, so keep an eye open.

After writing up a few of these stories, I realized how many more I have to go (I made a lot of games), so I’m launching now and filling in later. If you’re here and you have a preference which game I should write about, please let me know in feedback. Or if you have feedback of any type, please let me know. I have no idea if this kind of content is appealing to people, but I would like to learn.

Thank you for finding me here. I hope you stay with me on my journey to finalize my novel and get it into as many hands as possible. It’s a different exercise than what I’m used to, but this book has been burning a hole in my brain for a couple of decades, and I’m anxious to get it out there.

I’ll see you around!

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