Well, it IS called the DEATH Gate

Perhaps inspired by my recent behind-the-scenes write-up of Death Gate, CrankyTemplar (aka James Baram) recently posted a video including all of the possible ways to lose/die in the game. It’s an impressive piece of investigative reporting, achieved by someone with a literal death wish.

While I rarely dedicated graphics or animation to silly deaths, I did try to write up something at least amusing–which sometimes included speech you’d never hear unless you died that way.

If you’re looking for a stumble down memory lane where you trigger ALL the traps, you can check it out here.

From the write up, here are all the losses he found:


  • 0:00 Wake up an elf wizard to be enslaved
  • 0:27 Mess up elven god business and be snuffed out by their wizard
  • 1:14 Wait for elves to board and kill you (slight variant if you try to get off the ship, same death only you bump into them)
  • 1:30 Ignore the suggestion to hide from murderous elves
  • 1:53 Try to go back up the stairs to meet the murderous elves
  • 2:06 Come out of your hiding place and be killed
  • 2:21 Miss your opportunity to signal help
  • 2:52 Try to jump a highly skilled assassin with rusty shears (this is the same death message from attacking Hugh in the treasure room)
  • 3:08 Buy a drink in a seedy bar
  • 3:58 Try to kill Hugh while wearing an amulet that makes you invulnerable to harm
  • 4:22 Wait patiently to be initiated into the assassin’s guild (spoiler alert: you fail)
  • 5:17 Death by not following instructions
  • 5:30 Discovered in the statue room by Hugh (same death if you take too long in the treasure room)
  • 5:47 Killed by Hugh after stealing treasure
  • 6:47 Attack the guard (Attacking Hugh gives the same message as attacking him in the bar)
  • 7:02 Deal with Hugh and the guard then summon them back to kill you
  • 7:34 Death by animal cruelty
  • 8:07 Attack the tytans with rusty shears (You can attack them at the end of Pyran when the tytans are working in the Citadel for this same death message)
  • 8:28 Jump into the Maw
  • 9:17 Zifnab kills you after you boast about wiping out the Sartan
  • 11:19 Attack a giant spider on its turf
  • 11:45 Get stung repeatedly by deadly insects
  • 12:42 Attack the tytans while they’re distracted by the magic melody
  • 12:57 Can’t run away from the tytans? Run towards them!
  • 13:36 Wait for the tytans to reclaim their relic
  • 13:50 Snake charmer
  • 14:08 Succumbing to poison
  • 15:40 Stuck in the body of a dog when your body dies from poison
  • 16:50 Patryns and Sartans hate one another, so reveal you’re a Patryn to a powerful Sartan wizard
  • 18:03 Cast Self-Immolation
  • 18:24 Cast Swap on Jethro while he holds the snake
  • 18:46 Take the book from the dead nanny (after getting the dwarf to follow you)
  • 19:01 Talk to Jethro with the snake puzzled solved
  • 19:14 Caught by guards in the palace
  • 19:57 Blasted into dust by mad Sartan ruler (minor variant of him catching up to you in the labyrinth – just doesn’t mention the prince)
  • 20:27 Kleitus catches up to you while possessing the dog
  • 21:02 Enter the lava pool
  • 21:13 Do nothing when a dragon threatens to kill you and destroy your soul
  • 22:44 Attack the evil dragon as a dog
  • 23:27 Linger near the evil dragon who wants to kill you
  • 23:36 Go insane from holding evil dragon scales for too long
  • 24:14 Try to outrun tiger men (Slight variant if you move towards them by the choke vines – same death message except you blunder into them).
  • 24:46 Tiger men catch you
  • 25:09 Attack the tiger men with your shears
  • 25:18 Tiger men slaughter your people from taking too long to help
  • 25:51 Attack the group of tiger men by the shield
  • 26:02 Headman casts neck snap in your magical duel (if you cast cold instead, same death but he shivers before the spell wears off)
  • 26:29 Let the tracker die
  • 27:01 Let the tracker die when you aren’t in the village
  • 27:18 Told wounding a Chaodin spawn more to attack you so hurt it in a non-fatal manner that spawns a horde of them
  • 28:08 Don’t use the important stone you’ve been carrying around that the evil dragon hates before it decides to kill you
  • 28:51 Tentacle monster eats you
  • 29:17 Cast Possession on the tentacle monster
  • 29:52 Finale Scene
  • 34:36 Evil dragon decides to kill you with fire too
  • 35:00 Place the Air Seal when you need water to stop dragon fire
  • 35:12 Place the Earth Seal when you need water to stop dragon fire
  • 35:24 Evil dragon becomes an evil slug and devours you
  • 36:12 Place the Air Seal when you need rocks to stop a slug
  • 36:29 Ghost dragon suffocates you
  • 37:23 Take too long to defeat the evil dragon for good
  • 38:22 Trigger the Reformation spell and kill lots of people offscreen

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