The Game of War (prequel)

Even though I’ve been working on this title for a while, I haven’t said anything here about it. Well, that has to change. Meet the Game of War, the prequel YA fantasy novel to the Child of Chaos!

According to many of my early readers, one of the most interesting supporting characters in Child of Chaos was Dantess, priest of War. I kept thinking about what his story must of have been like to give the abilities he had, and the drive to do what he did (even if helping someone like Galen wouldn’t be in character for most priests). Also, I love tinkering in this world, so I dove in to tell his tale.

Originally, the book was called Warrior Priest, named entirely after Dantess–but after writing 50,000 words of it, I realized the real star was the set piece of the story: something called the Game of War.

If you’re at this site, you know I’m a game designer. And damned if I didn’t design a real, honest-to-gods game in the middle of this book. It’s huge, devious, violent, intriguing, and mysterious–and playing it requires multiple chapters to describe. Did I mention that the core of it was designed by the temple of Evil?

Seriously, if these books (the series of which I’m now calling The Chronicles of Chaos) ever take off, I truly want there to be a video-game version of this book. I would love to play this game.

Anyway, I’ll provide updates on this book here as well. And once you get a chance to read The Child of Chaos (Chronicles Book 1), you’ll understand why I find the world so ripe for spawning stories like this one.

Check back soon for more info about the release of the Child of Chaos. It’s coming soon!

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