2021 Readers’ Favorite Winner

Readers’ Favorite announced their winners, and the Child of Chaos took home the gold medal for 2021’s YA Epic Fantasy category.

I’m blown away.

Readers’ Favorite is a major award. Not only does it get a fair amount of media attention, but they have a big awards ceremony in Miami every year where winners are presented with their actual metal medals! Of course, it’s been delayed a year (like last year) because of COVID, but they will do it in 2022, and I’m invited.

You never know what people are going to respond to, especially judges for these contests. Readers’ Favorite wasn’t the first content I entered, but it is the first I placed in–so I did not expect to win the gold. I’m still processing it.

My thanks to whoever connected with my material at Readers’ Fav–and to all of you who enjoyed and supported my work.

And especially to my family who believed that something like this was possible.

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