The Wheel of Time Game Returns!

After over 20 years, the Wheel of Time game has been re-released!

Red Eagle (the license-holders and producers of the hit TV show for Amazon) teamed up with Nightdive Studios and to refresh the original code and relaunch the game to work on modern systems.

Fans from its original launch are re-discovering it, and people who weren’t even aware that there was a Wheel of Time game are getting to experience it for the first time.

The Wheel of Time is the game I am most proud of, and I’m so happy it’s out there again.

You can find it at and, soon, on Steam as well.

If you’re interested in playing multi-player on-line with me and lots of other great community folk, make sure you go to You’ll have to make a couple of tweaks to two ini files to access the on-line gameplay.

See you there!

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