Back to Back Awards!

In an already eventful summer (which included the Dante Rossetti Award for GoW), the Chronicles of Chaos won two major awards in the space of a week!

First, the Game of War won the Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal for YA Epic Fantasy. If this award feels like deja-vu to you, that’s because the Child of Chaos also won the exact award last year–but honestly, the fact that it’s a second win only makes this one more impactful. It means I’m doing something right and continuing to do so.

Here’s a small snippet of the review that Readers’ Favorite posted of the Game of War:

Any fantasy reader [will] completely submerge themselves in the pages just to break the surface, addicted, needing more.

Readers’ Favorite Review

Winning for two books convinced me to attend the Readers’ Favorite Award Ceremony in Miami, FL on November 19. Due to COVID, Readers’ Favorite shut the ceremony down for the last three years, so I will be able to accept the gold medals for both books this year. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I could not miss it.

About a week later, the American Fiction Awards announced their winners. With GoW and CofC both competing in the same category in the same year (probably a mistake on my part), the Game of War was identified as a finalist and the Child of Chaos won the top award!

With this win, I join an exclusive club with fellow indie fantasy authors Robert Zangari and Christopher Russel, both great guys and quite talented writers. Also, I sincerely appreciate the additional major award win for my debut novel. It helps to establish a great foundation to support the entire series.

Now I have two stickers on each book! I think I might have to stop there. Any more, and I’d obscure the fantastic covers.

My thanks go to the competitions and their judges for reading and enjoying my work, and to everyone for pushing me to enter them. There’s no better confidence booster than holding an actual gold medal because someone thought your book was a winner.

And, of course, my thanks go to all my readers. I hope you’re also enjoying my stories and you stick around for more!

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