Behind the Scenes of the House of Prophecy Audiobook!

The Audiobook for the House of Prophecy is finally done, dusted, and available for sale! You can find it by clicking on the button below!

This year’s launch of all of the various versions of the House of Prophecy stumbled around a bit. Despite my best efforts, the hardback and the audiobook were delayed by almost a month after the ebook and paperback versions shipped on Aug 28.

I hope you’ll forgive me, especially because both the hardback and the Audiobook turned out so well–at least, in my opinion.

Why, you may ask, would it take so long to finalize an audiobook? Heck, you just need to plug in a microphone and read the book, right?

I can understand how it might sound that way. I would love it if that was an accurate description, but a final chapter requires many, many hours of recording and editing before I can deliver it to you.

And to drive that point home, I’ve compiled a video that shows the behind the scenes experience of how I create an audiobook, and why I age about ten years with every release. This video shows an example recording session (with a little commentary) of a section of chapter five, plus the final edited result at the end.

I’m sure not every narrator approaches the task this way. Not many others would put themselves through the pain of having to edit virtually every sentence. But this way allows me to be unafraid of making mistakes and know that I’ll end up with the best possible end product.

To be fair, every release gets a little easier and a little better. With this project, I got a new microphone that you can see in the video. It’s quite sensitive (it can hear things going on in other rooms that I can’t even hear without my headphones on), but the results are really clean. Also, I’m getting to know the software even better, and I think my acting might be nudge above my previous books.

Also, it’s a lot of fun. Audiobook production brings back a lot of memories doing voice recording, direction, and editing for computer games (especially Death Gate, where I got to play the villain: the dragon Sang-Drax).

Thankfully, I know from experience that, by the time the next audiobook rolls around, I’ll forget about the drudgery of editing and just remember how fun it is to put voices to my characters. No doubt I’ll charge in yet again.

But the biggest motivator is if those of you that listen to my book let me know what you think–especially in a review on Audible!

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