Readers’ Favorite Award Ceremony (Miami)

Readers’ Favorite usually has an award ceremony in Miami every year, but it has been three since the last one, due to COVID. Because both the Child of Chaos AND the Game of War both won gold medals and that would not likely happen again, this was a once-in-a-lifetime honor I couldn’t turn down.

The event was amazing. In addition to the Miami Book Fair, where I spoke to the hard-hitting journalists at Jolly Time News (they’re a popcorn company), I got to meet so many wonderful authors and fellow award-winners. Evelyn Puerto, author of Flight of the Spark, also won a medal in my category (YA Epic Fantasy) two years ago. It was so nice meeting her after years of only communicating online.

I entered the House of Prophecy into this year’s competition. Fingers crossed the judges like this one too!

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