New Events Calendar

Lately, I've been participating in a lot of local author events and they've been absolute blasts! I enjoyed them so much that I have begun to fill my calendar with a bunch more. It only made sense to then add an events calendar to this site to allow you to keep track of them with... Continue Reading →

IAN Books of the Year!

Not long ago, the Independent Author Network announced the winners of their 2022 Book of the Year competition, and both books I entered won their categories! The Game of War won Outstanding Fantasy! The Child of Chaos won Outstanding First Novel (over 80K words)! Not only that, but the House of Prophecy made it to... Continue Reading →

Back to Back Awards!

In an already eventful summer (which included the Dante Rossetti Award for GoW), the Chronicles of Chaos won two major awards in the space of a week! First, the Game of War won the Readers' Favorite Gold Medal for YA Epic Fantasy. If this award feels like deja-vu to you, that's because the Child of... Continue Reading →

The House of Prophecy: DONE!

It’s done! The manuscript of the House of Prophecy--book two of the Chronicles of Chaos--is complete, weighing in at a hefty 120K words (my biggest book so far). Here is the book description. The Child of Chaos changed the world. The House of Prophecy could tear it to shreds. When Lorre fulfilled her destiny, she... Continue Reading →

The Wheel of Time Game Returns!

After over 20 years, the Wheel of Time game has been re-released! Red Eagle (the license-holders and producers of the hit TV show for Amazon) teamed up with Nightdive Studios and to refresh the original code and relaunch the game to work on modern systems. Fans from its original launch are re-discovering it, and... Continue Reading →

COVER REVEAL: The House of Prophecy

It's here, the cover for my upcoming novel, book two in the Chronicles of Chaos: the House of Prophecy. If you've been following closely, you'll notice that the title of the novel changed from The Curse of Chaos (and then briefly to the House of Chaos) to the House of Prophecy. That's because I had... Continue Reading →

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