Most people found young Galen’s irrepressible imagination annoying, but his mother delighted in it. Every night, they would escape their bleak lives into stories of bravery and magic. But then one evening, Galen’s mother just walked out the door and disappeared into the forest.

Six years later, Galen finds himself following an irresistible pull to an ancient, forbidden temple, where the gods of Order locked Chaos away long ago. For centuries, Chaos has called storytellers, artists, and visionaries, waiting for the one who will free it. Its vault is decorated with the bones of those who tried—and perished.

Horace, an orphaned bully who has spent his life channeling his creativity into tormenting others, also hears the call. Convinced Chaos can give him the power to reshape the world, he’s willing to do anything to free it. 

Now Galen must use his unique imagination—helped by an enigmatic character from his mother’s stories—to stop his childhood bully before Horace can open the vault and unmake reality.

The Child of Chaos is my debut young-adult fantasy novel. It is being published by Rhetoric Askew in the Spring of 2020.

Since childhood, I’ve devoured fantasy and science-fiction novels. When I joined Legend Entertainment, I was lucky enough to design games based on some of my favorite literary properties like the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and the Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

In those games, I told new stories in familiar worlds. Now, I’m introducing my own original fantasy tale in a world you won’t soon forget.

While the novel will be released later in 2020, a preview chapter for the Child of Chaos is available now if you subscribe to my newsletter. Please visit this link to subscribe!

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