Spotlight: Pixar Design Class

John Nevarez, a good friend and excellent artist who has worked at some of the top animation studios in the world including Pixar, did me the honor of being a guest speaker at my Summerfuel class for two years straight. He showed the budding designers the pleasure of describing your ideas to someone who can... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Glee Concept Videos

I've snuck in a bunch of never-before released assets into my game posts. A couple of them are the Glee concept animations, seen only by the Fox executives that approved the game. We weren't able to pull off what's shown, but it was fun seeing them in this form at least. Check out the concept... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Mysterium

Honestly, I didn’t know how making this site would go. To help promote my upcoming book the Child of Chaos, I started out putting together a portfolio page, but ended up writing behind-the-scenes narratives about a lot of stuff in my life. If you’re familiar with anything I’ve built, maybe you’d enjoy reading about how I... Continue Reading →

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