Glen Dahlgren is the author of the young-adult fantasy series, the Chronicles of Chaos–a passion project that is the culmination of Glen’s lifelong love of fantasy and years of experience releasing compelling characters into fascinating worlds and describing what happens.

His debut title, the Child of Chaos–which Piers Anthony called “what fantasy fiction should be”–launched in 2020 and won the 2021 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Award for YA Epic Fantasy.

The prequel, the Game of War, was released in 2021, and the sequel, the Curse of Chaos, will release in 2022.

Wearing slightly different hats, Glen has written, designed, directed, and produced award-winning, narrative-driven computer games for the last three decades. What’s more, he had the honor of creating original fantasy and science-fiction storylines that took established, world-class literary properties into interactive experiences. He collaborated with celebrated authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (The Death Gate Cycle), Robert Jordan (The Wheel of Time – now a TV series from Amazon), Frederik Pohl (Heechee saga), Terry Brooks (Shannara), and Piers Anthony (Xanth) to bring their creations to the small screens. In addition, he crafted licensor-approved fiction for the Star Trek franchise as well as Stan Sakai’s epic graphic novel series, Usagi Yojimbo.

When Glen isn’t designing games, he teaches a course on the subject every summer to international students at UC Berkeley. Glen also likes to read, play computer games and volleyball, and compose music—either dystopic synth-heavy themes or renaissance fair tunes for some reason. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his lovely wife and two teenage children, who all happen to be the perfect ages to enjoy his fantastic yarns (that means everyone can enjoy them–you get it).

While this site provides some narrative for Glen’s accomplishments, you can also review his resume on Linkedin.

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