Welcome to the Mysterium

Honestly, I didn’t know how making this site would go. To help promote my upcoming book the Child of Chaos, I started out putting together a portfolio page, but ended up writing behind-the-scenes narratives about a lot of stuff in my life. If you’re familiar with anything I’ve built, maybe you’d enjoy reading about how I... Continue Reading →

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Guess who’s talking?

I was honored to be asked on Joe Compton’s Young Adult panel on Go Indie Now! It was a little intimidating, given that this was my first podcast as an author and I was in the company of some very accomplished writers in the genre (although I argue that YA isn’t exactly a genre). I... Continue Reading →

Everything Changes

Changes are what editing is all about! Today, I delivered my editorial edit of my YA manuscript, the Child of Chaos, to my publisher. It addressed a bunch of issues identified by my eagle-eyed beta readers. Let me be clear: while I'm very proud of this work of fiction, it would not be nearly the... Continue Reading →

Happy 20th, Wheel of Time!

Can you believe that it has been 20 years since Legend Entertainment Company released the original Wheel of Time computer game? It’s true, and a walk through the wayback machine confirms it. To get this out of the way, if you’re a fan of the game and you find yourself here, then you have no... Continue Reading →

Well, it IS called the DEATH Gate

Perhaps inspired by my recent behind-the-scenes write-up of Death Gate, CrankyTemplar (aka James Baram) recently posted a video including all of the possible ways to lose/die in the game. It's an impressive piece of investigative reporting, achieved by someone with a literal death wish. While I rarely dedicated graphics or animation to silly deaths, I... Continue Reading →

Never Too Early for Fan Art!

For Father's Day, my youngest child created the first Child of Chaos fan art for my upcoming novel, and it's wonderful. It depicts the scene from the prologue (which you can read in the novels section) of Lorre frozen in front of the statue of War, with the dice artifacts at her feet. You can... Continue Reading →

Publishing Packet Prepped

Sorry, but I couldn't resist the alliteration. I just received my publishing packet from Rhetoric Askew, which means it's finally time to start editing and promoting. I'm impressed (and a little overwhelmed) by everything I'll need to do between now and next Spring--especially because there's a lot out of my comfort zone. But honestly, I'm... Continue Reading →

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